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Guided tours, hiking, fishing...

  • Association Etincelle 53 - la Joëlette

    Association Etincelle 53 - la Joëlette

    © Photo : Etincelle53

  • Visites guidées dans la langue des signes

    Visites guidées dans la langue des signes

    © Photo : O.T. du pays de Mayenne

  • Espace pêche sur la Mayenne

    Espace pêche sur la Mayenne

    © Photo : Mayenne Tourisme

Guided tours in sign language
In the Coëvrons-Mayenne Region of Art and History, guided tours to some heritage sites are now being offered in sign language. Marina, who works for the Mayenne regional tourist office and is in charge of guided tours, saw that the needs of people with hearing impairments were not being met. Although Marina had no experience of hearing impairment, she promptly started learning sign language. Now, during her guided tours, she sometimes juggles between French, English ... and this very special language.

Hiking for everyone!
Etincelle 53, an association in Mayenne that was created to make everyday life easier for people with disabilities, came up with the great idea of getting some “Joëlettes”. These are specially adapted vehicles that allow mobility impaired people to go hiking in places that they couldn’t access with a normal wheelchair. The Joëlette is a bit like a rickshaw, with one wheel in the centre, suspension and a really comfortable seat... it’s pulled from the front and pushed from the back by two able-bodied hikers or “Sherpa’s”.
Etincelle53 association “la Joëlette”
Tel: +33 (0)6 26 46 03 07

Specially adapted fishing areas
The departmental fishing federation has installed 7 fishing zones accessible to people with reduced mobility, along the Mayenne river (Ménil, Château-Gontier, Laval, Saint-Jean-sur-Mayenne, Martigné-sur-Mayenne), on the river Oudon in Craon and on the Courbe lake in Origné.
Boats accessible for people with reduced mobility
“Mainaleau” are a type of craft that allow people with reduced mobility to take part in water sports, alone or with their children.
The “Mainaleau” are driven like a wheelchair and are simple and safe to use.
La Rincerie activities centre at La Selle-Craonnaise is equipped with 3 of these craft.
This is an activity that people with reduced mobility can enjoy with complete independence, and is very popular.