Caravans, Huts, Bubbles...

  • Site d'EcHOlogia à Louverné - Maison flottante

    Site d'EcHOlogia à Louverné - Maison flottante

    © Photo : EcHOlogia

  • Site d'EcHOlogia à Louverné - Yourtes mongoles

    Site d'EcHOlogia à Louverné - Yourtes mongoles

    © Photo : EcHOlogia

  • Vu d'ensemble : piscine naturelle et ses tipis à Echologia

    Site d'Echologia - La piscine naturelle et ses tipis

    © Photo : Echologia

  • Bubble Tree à La Baconnière

    Bubble Tree sur le domaine des Vaulx à La Baconnière

    © Photo : Domaine des Vaulx

  • Cabane dans les arbres au Gué de Selle à Mézangers

    Cabane dans les arbres au Gué de Selle à Mézangers

    © Photo : J. Froc

  • Cabane dans les arbres à La Baconnière

    Cabane dans les arbres à La Baconnière

    © Photo : Mayenne Tourisme

  • La Chouette Cabane à Pommerieux

    Chouette Cabane à Pommerieux

    © Photo : La Chouette Cabane

  • cabane dans les arbres au bois de forcé

    Cabane "Mésange" au Bois de Forcé

    © Photo : Bois parcours nature

Under false and rural traditional territory tunes, Mayenne contains its share of unusual places and extraordinary people. Tourist accommodation is no exception to this rule and offers a wide range of original locations for all who wish to leave the beaten track.

Echologia a meeting in the heart of nature

It is on this site that we find the greatest concentration of the non-standard accommodation.
At the initiative of this unique achievement in France Mayenne sweet dreamers who dared to engage in a titanic project rehabilitating a former site operating lime.
There are few places where we bring you your breakfast canoeing ... A few minutes from the City of Laval, the scenery is immediate on the site Echologia and it is easy to imagine themselves in the shoes of a Canadian trapper in a lake lost.
Tree houses, cabins on the water, huts "Cliff!" and other nomadic tents reinforce the atmosphere.
Find your inner child in this improbable place where the ecological approach and the human adventure are the key words.
It's no surprise that you will find on-site wood heating, dry toilets or a natural pool but also cozy and comfortable accommodation.

Wooden Huts

In recent years, wooden huts, perched in trees or installed in waters environment are very successful. Without doubt they are always in tune with nature and it echoes the craze increasingly pronounced travelers for green tourism.
Mayenne, with its unspoilt countryside, is the ideal place to experience the adventure feel of a hut by night.
Several sites Mayenne have understood and compete creativity to come up with original and attractive huts:

- The Chouettes Cabanes  in Pommerieux.
- The Cabanes du Bois  in Forcé.
- The Cabane dans les Arbres  in Mézangers.
- The Cabane perchée  in Athée.
- The Domaine des Vaulx  in la Baconnière.
- Les Cabanes  in Louverné.


You do not browse the sunken roads Mayenne with trailers that are fixed, but the Gypsy spirit is there and nothing prevents you to bring your guitar to a makeshift campfire concert.
- Roulotte mademoiselle Bohème  in la Chaussée d'Olivet
- Roulotte de Prébonne  in Moulay
- Roulott'Inn  in Chailland

Even crazier

- The bubble  in the domaine des Vaulx : To you the shooting stars. Even if you are not a passion for astronomy you will be sensitive to this decor, small spectator lost in this big world ...
- The pods  et le dome  in la Roussière

All unusual accomodations in Mayenne