Going with the flow on the Mayenne

Sail along the Mayenne on board a river cruiser discovering not just new landscapes, but a different rhythm, a new way to enjoy life at a leisurely pace.

  • Passage d'une écluse en bateau habitable

    Bateau habitable - passage d'une écluse sur la Mayenne

    © Photo : Jean-Dominique Billaud

  • Passage d'une écluse en bateau habitable

    Bateau habitable - attente devant l'entrée de l'écluse

    © Photo : Jean-Dominique Billaud

  • La vallée de la Mayenne, idéale pour le tourisme fluvial

    La vallée de la Mayenne, idéale pour le tourisme fluvial

    © Photo : Jean-Dominique Billaud

River tourism, or an adventure at a gentle pace
In less than an hour your boat hirer will have told you all you need to know about steering your boat, for which no licence is needed , and you can set off at your own pace for a few days of peaceful cruising. The Mayenne will share with you the secrets of its valley. You can enjoy a river cruise in a completely natural setting, with every now and then a stopover at a lock, or at a little restaurant by the river, or in one of the towns or villages that you pass through. It’s a real treat to sail through Laval, a Town of Art and History, passing below the foot of the castle and beneath the Old Bridge!

You won’t be bored aboard!
You'll be cruising at an average speed of 6 kilometres an hour, which will allow you to discover sites and countryside that you could never have seen any other way.
You'll meet riverbank animals and discover a wide range of aquatic flora.
On board, life is centred around cruising, preparing meals, taking photos, playing games and reading on deck or simply lazing around.
Fancy stretching your legs? Just unload the bikes for a spin along the towpath. See you at the next lock! It’s perfect too for your daily jog.

Steering is simple
The River Mayenne is well know for being calm and used only by pleasure boats. As you go through the locks, the lock-keepers are ready to help and to give you tips about interesting little places to explore. The boat can be managed with just two controls: a throttle with two positions (forward and reverse, which also acts as a brake), a helm to steer the boat, and that’s it! And don’t forget, you don’t need a licence!

The boat, your home on the river
Depending on size, the boats can sleep from 2 to 12 people.
They are all very comfortably furnished and offer all mod cons to make your trip enjoyable. The cabins often have their own toilet facilities. The forward saloon and the galley are big enough for you to enjoy your meals together.
For summer cruises, make sure you reserve your houseboat early enough to take advantage of special prices.
ll the way along the Mayenne, river stopovers, landing stages, refuelling points and other public facilities are available.

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