Village of Character

A village where a stroll through the flower-bedecked back streets will make you feel good.

  • Eglise de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Eglise de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • halles du

    halles du

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Halles de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Saint-Denis-d'Anjou's covered market

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Intérieur de l'église de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Intérieur de l'église de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Peintures murales de l'église de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Peintures murales de l'église de Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    © Photo : J.B. Deguara

  • Promenade en calèche à Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Promenade en calèche à Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    © Photo : Huguenin

  • Vigne à Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    Vigne à Saint-Denis-d'Anjou

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Chapelle de Varennes Bourreau

    Chapelle de Varennes Bourreau

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

This small town of character has retained its medieval character, with its narrow streets, its 15th- and 16th-century manorial residences and even an historic forge that is still functioning.
It has an extremely interesting built heritage for visitors to explore.
Another attractive feature of the village is its elegant floral decoration that adds to the charm of its medieval heritage.

The covered market
The covered market (Les halles) is a fine example of 16th century commercial architecture.
This building, with its magnificent chestnut beams, has remained intact ever since it was built in 1509. In the Middle Ages cloth, linen and hemp were traded here, and, of course, the wine produced in Saint Denis d'Anjou, which was held in high repute.
A great medieval festival was organised in 2009 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the covered market.

The church
The church dates from the 12th century. It was built on a rocky outcrop, which gives it a dominant position, rather like a fortress. It is in the Romanesque style with some later Gothic additions.
Inside you will find a superb collection of 16th century wall paintings inspired by the 'Golden Legend'.
Living heritage
You can take a guided tour in a horse-drawn vehicle or on foot, along with other activities organised by the tourist offices.
Every year, in July and August, concerts are held at heritage sites during the "Musical Hours Festival".

Walking and riding
There are some superb trails that start from Saint Denis d’Anjou, tempting you to take a trip in a horse-drawn vehicle, or to go horse-riding, hiking or cycling.
You can follow a trail to the Morinière ponds, from where you will have a view of the only vineyard in the department of Mayenne.
The Ray Carriage-Driving School, at the entrance to the village, is one of the few carriage-driving schools in France. Excursions in horse-drawn vehicles are offered, together with initiation and improvers’ courses, and courses in saddlery.

The Chapel of Saint-Pierre de Varennes-Bourreau
The Chapel of Saint-Pierre de Varennes-Bourreau is 6 kilometres from Saint-Denis-d'Anjou and is a listed historic monument. It was built in the 11th century and extensively altered in the 15th century. It has some remarkable 12th century painted frescoes.

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