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    Saint-Loup-du-Gast village fleuri 4 fleurs

    © Photo : J.B. Deguara

Saint-Loup-du-Gast  is a small village in bloom   in Mayenne’s ‘bocage’, an area characterised by a landscape of meadows surrounded with hedges of trees or shrubs, sometimes planted with fruit-trees.
This very dynamic and charming little village can offer its visitors, and the many tourists who spend summer there, peace and quiet and also a unique range of activities.
Walking through the village, you will see flowers by the thousand: the flowerbeds are varied, the displays show originality, with interesting plant species.
From the centre of the village you can take advantage of the 12 kilometres of maintained and signposted footpaths that run the whole length of the valley.
The ‘rail-bike’, a rail-cart that runs on disused SNCF railway lines, will carry you 6 kilometres through the heart of the countryside.
As you cross the Rosserie Viaduct you will be able to admire the beautiful Mayenne Valley.

More info

  • Town hall
  • 2, place de la Mairie
  • 53300 Sant-Loup-du-Gast
  •  +33 (0)2 43 00 80 61
  • E-mail
  • Website

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